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I decided to try and put the information I learned from Flatiron into practice and start a project alone but found the process harder than initially expected. I did not even know where to start or if the relevant information I was looking for existed; it does, but not how I initially expected! This blog will focus on starting a solo project to prove to you all and myself that creating a solo project is possible. After researching the topic, it seems that there are four major parts to starting a project. They are: finding a topic, finding relevant information…

Bash with operation not permitted

Hello weary traveler! If you’re reading this document, that more than likely means that you are more than likely working on a Ruby application that keeps giving you an ‘Operation’ error. This blog will walk you through solving the error code, Operation not permitted — bs_fetch:atomic_write_cache_file:chmod (Errno::EPERM). I have only tested this method on my Linux system, so I am unsure of its universal effectiveness. It is also worth mentioning that this method will stall the error, not completely solve the issue.

What is this error?

This error seems to occur mainly on Windows 10 Linux subsystems running Unbuntu. …

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Algorithms are essential to understand, no matter your reason for coding, especially when searching for a computer science job. While algorithms seem tedious during a technical interview, coders use them to achieve even the most basic tasks. This blog covers the JavaScript solution to the ‘Roman to Integer’ problem on This algorithm is an excellent review as it introduces the idea of dictionaries, which can improve your code’s Big O notation.

Problem Description:

Seven different symbols represent Roman numerals: I, V, X, L, C, D, and M.

Symbol Value

I: 1

V: 5

X: 10

L: 50

C: 100

Imagine Hans Solo staring at you and saying don’t test me without ever opening his mouth
Imagine Hans Solo staring at you and saying don’t test me without ever opening his mouth
Star Wars gif taken from tenor

Transitioning from Ruby to JavaScript during the Flatiron Software Engineering program was initially overwhelming. However, I overcame most challenges by learning JavaScript’s test language. As a new programmer, I completely understand that learning to test seems impossible and easily dismissible at first, but testing is an invaluable skill. This blog will introduce some benefits and types of testing that exist. Specifically, this blog presents unit testing, integration testing, and end-end testing. While learning to test can feel like a massive undertaking, testing makes all the difference when learning a programming language.

Testing code, either while learning a new language or…

Welcome back to my not so weekly Software-Engineering boot-camp edition, blog! Firstly, I would like to apologize to my millions of fans, millions_of_fans = 0. Flatiron continues to be time-consuming and very challenging, so I have not been able to keep my promise of posting a blog every week. That said, I have created a log of my most significant challenges from each week and promise to post them ASAP. This post will focus on how to develop and locally render a form using Ruby on Rails. This blog will specifically cover a form’s syntax, placement inside of a Rails…

1999 ‘The Matrix’ data rain by the Wachowski Brothers

After my first week of the software engineering program by Flatiron, I sympathize entirely with the adage about a ‘frog stuck in a well.’ I once believed computer science’s challenge lay in syntax errors, not information; I was wrong. The number of labs and reading material on the first three days was staggering! Panicked, I thought the best method of keeping with the group was to fly through the labs by regurgitating techniques from the reading material. On the day of the first exam, I woke up feeling armed with all of the information crucial for passing, but I made…

Justin Webb

I am a graduated environmental studies researcher, who began a computer science boot-camp. I will be blogging solutions to what I struggle with most.

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